frequently asked questions

Are there any real winners?
Yes there are! Prizes Offers Deals draws many winners every year and is fast becoming US’s favourite competition website. We have thousands of $ in prizes available at any given time so we hope you like them
How many competitions can I enter?
As many as you like! They are all free to enter and are there for your enjoyment. You can also refer your friends for extra entries and more chances to win.
I have entered a competition but can see other offers – what are these?
These are bonus offers, which you can enjoy! Our advertisers are continually looking to promote different offers, deals and competitions so please take advantage of as many of these as you would like.
Will my data be sold to other companies without my consent?
Absolutely not! You must 100% opt-in to our advertiser brands before we will share your data with them. They don’t want to contact you if you are not interested, and you don’t want to be contacted if you are not interested
Can I opt-in to more than one offer or deal?
Yes you can! You can select as many or as few offers as you like. They are all there to save you money or make you money so enjoy!
Who do I contact if I have a query?
Ideas for competitions? Keen to see different types of offers and deals? Let us know! You can contact us through our enquiry form or send an email to [email protected]
What happens when I want to unsubscribe from Prizes Offers Deals?
It would be sad to see you leave as you will no longer be able to enter competitions to win prizes, nor will you receive fantastic offers and deals via email
How do I re-register?
Quite simply, enter a competition and register for the site again.
How do I know if I have won?
If you are one of our many lucky winners you will be sent an email to the email address you registered with. This email will contain details of the prize and who to get in touch with to claim it
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